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Minnesota Master Naturalist sponsors National Public Lands Day Sites across Minnesota

On September 26, 2015, The Minnesota Master Naturalist Program made a concentrated effort to get as many volunteers out as possible to provide conservation service on MN public lands.  Staff worked with 13 sites across the state to host 319 volunteers who provided 1,677 hours of volunteer service for a value of $41,639.91.  What an incredible impact! Projects included, bud capping at Itasca State Park, Park Rapids and at Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center, Duluth.  Volunteers staple small pieces of paper over the small tasty tops of the newly planted white and red pines to protect them from hungry deer over the winter.  Over 26,000 trees were fitted with their bud caps! The Rochester area had volunteers doing native seed collection and invasive species removal.   It was a great day of service for the state of Minnesota.  For more information about the Minnesota Master Naturalist Program and upcoming classes check our web page at Other activiti…