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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How will the Polar Vortex Affect Invasive Wildlife?

Many of us are ready to welcome a January Thaw, after days of polar vortex deepfreeze earlier this week. But the sustained cold weather has fueled hopes for significant reduction of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer population in the coming year. Eli Sagor, University of Minnesota Extension Educator in Forestry, posted a brief article Will winter cold save us from emerald ash borer? on In his words, "Even if we lose a lot of EAB this winter, we will not lose them all. Many will survive, either because they are fortunate enough to be in a relatively warm spot (temperature can vary fairly widely across the landscape based on wind exposure, aspect, topographic position, and so on) or because they are more cold hardy than most. These survivors will find each other and begin to rebuild the population."

Visit to read the full article.

As a bonus, you can also read a CoolGreenScience blog post by Matt Miller, Nature Conservancy Science Writer, about how the frigid temps may affect other wildlife across the country.

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